Services & Rates

Private and Semi-Private Academic Coaching (In-Person or Virtual)

Support tailored to each student’s particular academic needs. Sessions address current assignments, test preparation, and planning – always with an overarching focus on improving executive function to form productive lifelong habits.

Initial Consultation with parent, 1 hour - $120

1 hour of Private Coaching - $90 

Half-hour of Private Coaching - $50

Semi-Private Coaching, 2-3 students, 1 hour - $75

In-Home Academic Coaching

All the same benefits of Private Academic Coaching without having to leave your home. Effective At-Home Academic Coaching requires a dedicated, quiet space free of household distractions.


1 hour - $100


Small-Group Academic Coaching and Homework Help

Students work closely with an academic coach on their specific workload in a small-group environment (usually between three and five students). This program is ideal for homework support and test preparation. Groups run from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Mondays through Thursdays.

1 hour, 2 days/week - $100/week

1 hour, 3 days/week - $140/week

1 hour, 4 days/week - $160/week


(Students may extend their visits to 1-1/2 to 2 hours when necessary, and fees are billed at the corresponding hourly rate.) 

Subject-Area Tutoring

In addition to Randi’s academic coaching services, certified and experienced teachers are available in all core subject areas to provide one-on-one instruction to students in all grade levels, including those in Advanced Placement and college-level courses.


1 hour - Starting at $90

Support For Virtual Learning


Assistance for students enrolled in online learning programs, such as MSO, Florida Virtual School (FLVS) and the University of Florida’s PACE Program. Support for online learning provides much-needed structure, helps students stay on track, and complete their courses in a realistic time-frame.


1 hour - $90

Executive Function Assessment

This initial assessment may include a parent interview, student interview, evaluation of executive functioning across eight key skills, learning style inventory, motivational style inventory, academic assessment, and IEP/504 plan review (if applicable). The assessment also includes a follow-up meeting and written recommendations for home-based and school-based modifications and interventions to meet each student’s learning needs.




IEP Advocacy and School Meetings

Assistance, support, and advocacy to ensure your child’s 504 plan and/or individual education plan (IEP) meets their needs. Services include meeting with school staff, ensuring appropriate accommodations are provided, accessing additional services from the school or district.



Psychoeducational Review & Accommodation Plan

Formal recommendations for students, parents, and teachers for those who have completed a psychoeducational evaluation in the areas of intelligence (IQ), academic achievement, attention, cognitive efficiency, language processing, visual processing, memory and learning. The written recommendations include all possible academic accommodations, such as extended time on assignments, a distraction-free area for taking assessments, alternative assessment options, note-sharing, etc.


Additional Services provided as needed by experienced and certified educators and counselors:


  • Private School Entrance Exam Test Prep

  • SAT and ACT Test Preparation

  • College Entrance Support & Counseling

  • College Essay Writing Support

  • School Placement Consultations 

  • School Program Consultations


1 hour - Starting at $100