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About Randi

Randi Weinbach, Academic Coach


Randi Weinbach is an Academic Coach specializing in assisting students with executive function deficits, ADHD, and other learning differences. Randi helps students achieve overall academic success by teaching strategies such as good planning, effective and efficient study techniques, and strong organizational skills. With extensive training in executive functioning, Randi developed a support curriculum for the academic coaching program that she taught at Riviera Preparatory School. As an academic coach, she helps students progress no matter the challenges they face.


She created Randi Weinbach Academic Coaching to serve as a true “resource center” that can provide a range of services, including additional, core subject-area support at any level. Her tutors are all experienced, certified teachers, and many are trained in special education.


Randi began her teaching career more than 25 years ago and has taught students from first grade through college. Randi earned her teaching degree at FIU, is certified in special education, and trained extensively at The Landmark School in Massachusetts. She has given presentations for parents about executive functioning and ADHD support both at home and in school. She has also presented to colleagues about how to incorporate executive function strategies and study skills in their classroom teaching.



Executive Functioning
Learning Differences
Study Skills

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